Intentional Living: My Daily Planning

Hello beautiful people – here we are! Day 2 of my 30 days of intentional living in August (that will carry over to the first week of September because, life sometimes beats your OCD ::shrug emoji::). I’m getting my writing in early today because I have some appointments this afternoon and because of my daily scheduling, I know this is my best time slot. So, I guess its working already?

Winning day 2.


Intentionally planning my day is something I’ve actually been working on doing for months now. Back in June I bought the SELF Journal, because I love the act of putting pen to paper and having a physical version of my plan in the online-obsessed world we live in. Unfortunately, when your toddler thinks grabbing your pen out of your hand is a hilarious game, and if you hold then pen and book out of his reach, he will then try and shove your hot coffee onto your lap…and sometimes succeed…(it’s fine. I’m not bitter, just a little burned) it makes your morning planning less than pleasant.

So essentially I found that I can’t write before his morning nap, and by then it’s already 10:30 and if I hadn’t done my scheduling by then, it just didn’t get done. Or at least, it didn’t get done well.

I then started searching for a note version that I can keep on my phone, and came across this daily planning guide by Danika Brysha. I love that it’s in Evernote, which makes it super easy to create a template and then just duplicate it for each day. I adapted her version into something that works for me, which I’ll share with you here:

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 11.38.25 AM

So we’ll see together how this goes! It’s all an experiment really to find something I can really stick with, that will become a habit. I’m sure I’ll keep tweaking this as things come up I feel I need to add, or if I realize that there are things on there that aren’t serving me. But I suppose that’s all just part of the journey!

Until tomorrow, lovelies.

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