Idyllic Womanhood: A Picture

Hi loves. I’m excited about today’s post because it’s a topic I wrestle with almost daily. Maybe not in it’s entirety, but in the little things; the minutia of life. In trying to sort of “re-find” myself after big life events like moving, getting married, and becoming a mother. And I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this one.

What is the ideal woman?

What do you picture? A few years ago I think my description would have been something like someone tall, thin, but not too thin, toned and tan, long flowing hair, effortless style. Basically Wonder Woman. She’d command respect wherever she went, never trip in heels, throw classy dinner parties, and just overall be a bad ass. Ok, basically Gal Gadot. Please ignore my apparent Gal Gadot girl crush.


Anyway. Not a bad picture, right? She sounds pretty darn idyllic.

But somehow becoming a mom shattered this image for me. Well, maybe not at first. I think at first it was honestly just depressing because you don’t exactly feel like the ideal woman when your shirt has milk (read: baby puke) stains on it, and you can’t remember when you last washed your hair, or had a full night’s sleep, and the 10 pounds everyone swore would just “melt off” is stubbornly sticking around.

Less than ideal, right?

But more than that, I think it has to do with feeling like yourself. Maybe you feel like your body did bounce back after having kids (kudos, am much jealous), and maybe you feel like motherhood comes easily for you.

That’s amazing. I’m honestly so happy for you.

Maybe though, that’s not quite the case. Maybe you had been around kids a lot so you thought, this can’t be THAT much harder. But then, it was. It is. Maybe every time you think you have a handle on things you hit a regression phase, and end up right back at square one.


To be completely transparent with you guys, I’ve been working on this post on and off all day. I wanted to be able to sum up my thoughts, and give you some kind of encouragement. But I think it’s gonna take a little more time than that.

Which…I guess is good news when you commit to blogging every day!

So, here’s to new clarity tomorrow. Hang in there babes.

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