And The Beat Goes On

Life after having a baby is different. I mean, *duh* right? This isn’t news. But what I’ve been realizing lately is that it doesn’t have to look as different as I thought. Goals can be reached, and dreams can be realized – it’s just the getting there that looks a litle, well, different.

Plot twist, amirite?


Going back to school for my MFT (Masters in Marital and Family Therapy) is something that’s been on my heart for about 5 years now. But at that time I was 23 and single, and I figured I had a little living and experiencing to do before I could really appreciate a learning track into being a therapist, a career where my job would be listening to and empathizing with the lives of other people.

And then, the whirlwind that is getting married, moving across the country, and having a baby all within a 1.5 year period happened, and I figured it just wasn’t the right time. More than that, I hadn’t learned how to look past the busyness of being wrapped up in night time feedings and nap schedules to see the bigger picture of what I was still dreaming about.


But a little clarity, a little more sleep (read: a lot more coffee), and some soul searching has taught me that the only real difference now is the planning it will take to get there.  Instead of just picking up and going off to school, there’s a little strategizing and planning  to be done. So, plan I will! And I figured putting my plan down on paper (virtual paper?) and sharing it could not only serve as motivation on the days I want to stay holed up at home and catch up on Grey’s Anatomy, but maybe it’ll help motivate someone else in the process.

So, I’ll be sharing my process of applying to programs, finding childcare options, and how to find the time to study and be a toddler mom at the same time. If you have any good tips…please pass them on!

xo. Lovelies
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