The Therapy of Art & Attitude

Ok you guys, confession time. The last week I was having the WORST day. You know the kind where you just wake up grumpy and in a bad mood, and know there’s a very good chance it’s not getting better? It was that sort of day. There was no particular reason for this cloud of melancholy – it just was how I felt.

A little backstory, for the last week or so Will has been waking up between 5:30 and 6:15 every. single. morning. And I am no longer emotionally or physically equipped to handle waking up that early. It’s a lot. A LOT you guys. So along with being tired, I just had that dark feeling. Now there have been plenty of days where I’ve felt this way – never really in a row, it just comes and goes. But it’s days like this that I feel so much empathy for those who live with depression. That dark heavy feeling is a lot to handle, even just when it happens one day at a time.

But this time for me, I decided to go through the motions of the day I had planned and hoped to see an improvement in my mood. And you know what? It worked. I met up with a friend downtown and we went to the Contemporary Jewish Museum, and then walked over to SF MOMA, and I immersed myself in the art. There’s truly something about experiencing art, engaging with stories, and seeing what humankind can create that lifts the soul. It ignites that flicker of hope deep in your heart that sometimes seems nearly extinguished during your darkest day. Its not immediate, but with every new floor in the gallery, I felt myself getting lighter. I was experiencing things outside myself, and it brought me back around.

So, all this to say, if you’re having one of those dark days, I’m here holding space for you. I’d encourage you to get outside, find a good cup of coffee, and track down some art. Or nature. Whatever it is that can lift your spirit. Just don’t hunker down inside and stay there too long – there’s so much beauty out there in the world.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 1.02.53 PM

*Disclaimer, I’m not a psychologist and don’t have personal experience with clinical depression, although I’ve been around it a lot – so I’m not trying to say the answer to feeling better is as simple as just going outside. My only real message here is practice self care, in whatever form that takes for you!*

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