Preparing for 2018

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is right around the corner, but here we are! Another year is just about in the books, and for the last few day’s I’ve been contemplating my resolutions for the new year. I thought I would share my process and what works for me as I go about thinking and planning what I’d like to see in my life.

First off, I know there’s some debate between setting goals and setting intentions. Pro-goal people argue that having something concrete makes it feel all the more rewarding when you can check it off your list as accomplished. Pro-intention people would counter saying that setting an intention is a more manageable way to measure your progress while not putting unnecessary stress on yourself. Personally, I like to do both. I set some goals for myself that are definitive things to accomplish, and I also set intentions that I try and keep refreshed and carry through the whole year.

I also like to categorize my resolutions so I cover three areas: Body, Mind, and Spirit. I feel that by focusing something on each aspect of myself I come away with a well rounded plan for the year.

Finally, I like to set one overall intention that becomes my mantra of sorts on a daily basis. It’s something I can repeat to myself that will help keep my focus in one place.

So! Without further ado, here’s my resolution plan for 2018:

Run my third half marathon
Complete a fully successful round of Whole 30
Start monthly solo hiking habit

Start grad school program
Practice daily meditation

Re-commit to daily gratitude journaling
Get back to daily devotions

Intention for the year: Mindful Wellness

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