About Brie

Hello! I’m Brie, the founder of She Cared. Allow me to introduce myself and tell you a bit about why I started this blog and what I hope to create here.


I’ve always had an interest in people’s stories. In college I studied journalism, and my favorite stories to write were profiles – learning about people’s lives and what is special to them, and in some small way capturing that for others to relate to and appreciate. I loved it. While I eventually decided the world of journalism wasn’t what I was truly passionate about, the joy of story stayed with me.

I met my now-husband in Fort Lauderdale just a few weeks before he was heading to Australia for a year. We hit it off right away, but with him leaving so soon, we decided to let each other go, and just stay in touch as friends. However, staying in touch soon became talking every day over Facebook messenger, and after 6 months or so, we decided to really give long distance a go. And for us – it worked! I visited him in Australia, and then after he came back to the States, we began to plan our future together.

In 2014 we got married and immediately moved to San Francisco to start a new adventure. During the past several years I’d felt a strong pull to change my career and pursue becoming a therapist. However just as I was applying to grad programs, I found out I was pregnant with our son. I decided to put off school for a few years to be fully present in this new experience of becoming a mother. And I’m so glad I did. Becoming a mom is such a life changing experience that, while beyond incredible, can at times feels extremely isolating and lonely. Eighteen months after having my son, I felt as if I woke up from a fog, and was becoming myself again, and the desires to pursue therapy returned with more intensity than ever.

This experience of motherhood solidified my decision to go back to school, and now my focus was clear: I wanted to focus on mothers and their experiences. So, here we go! I’m currently in grad school at the California Institute of Integral Studies pursuing my Masters in Integral Counseling Psychology. This will allow me to take the MFT exam when I graduate and become a licensed therapist.

My hope for She Cared is for it to be a safe haven and resource for women to join a community, and for me to share my story and what I’m learning. It is possible to have children and pursue your career. It is possible to change your career. It is possible to have a family and follow your passions. And it’s not only possible – its necessary. Our world needs strong, self-possessed women who fight as fiercely for each other as they do for their families.

Create the space you need in the world.

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