Who We Are

Hello! Welcome to She Cared, a community built to intentionally celebrate motherhood, mental health, and all that it means to be a woman. My hope for this site is that it becomes a place where as women and mothers we can hear each other’s voices and find that although it may sometimes feel like it, we’re not actually alone.

I became a mom in 2016, and I prepared the best I could. I read all the books, did all the research, and bought the essentials. I was as prepared as you can be, but I found out that preparing to be a mother before you’ve had a kid is about the same as preparing to summit Everest before you’ve walked through a park. You can’t fully understand what you don’t know yet, until it becomes glaringly obvious just how much you have to learn.

With all the awareness now about what “type” of mom you are, it seems we’ve categorized ourselves to death. While I was searching for community, more often than not I found places I felt I didn’t belong, instead of places I did. Living in a big city, I somehow felt both surrounded by people and completely alone.

This lead to the founding of She Cared. I’m amazed by the level of care and giving that pours out of mothers, and I wanted a space where we can find affirmation and peace in a community that celebrates the amazingness that is motherhood. We all need support, no one can do this alone, and quite frankly we weren’t meant to. So, my hope is to create a community where we celebrate each mother for the warrior she is, in a warm and welcoming community together.